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DESIGNLORE Inc. is a small licensed (■) Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design consulting company providing a comprehensive set of Product Development services with a strong focus on traditional mechanical engineering. We are located in downtown Toronto, Canada.

We follow Traditional Design & Engineering Principles (based on German Engineering) and implement the leading edge engineering techniques throughout the design process.
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e specialize in Product Development from Idea to Production, providing a complete set of product development services, from Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering to Prototyping, and manufacturing support . We offer our services individually or as part of turnkey solutions from the initial idea to prototyping or to production (C2P) to corporations, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Our services and turn-key packages are often customized to suite clients' particular needs and requirements.

We are structured as a "design studio" which does not have either sales or HR people and any of the associated costs. Our operations are organized according to highly efficient and effective 'Lean'/ principles, and we did everything possible to reduce our rates with a desire to bring product development closer to everyone. We provide personalized services and our engineers deal directly with our clients or their representatives.

(Certificate of Authorization issued by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario, Canada)



Our mission is to create outstanding products and help improve lives of every end user exceeding their expectations of every aspect of the product itself, while empowering our clients, both large corporations, start-ups and entrepreneurs alike, to provide their customers with such great products, and ultimately help our clients reach their full business potential; by providing high quality services that exceed our clients' expectations we hope to contribute positive experience of the entire Client & Consultant relationship.

Our Strengths...   →

O ur strength is mechanical engineering and the ability to engineer solutions even for the toughest applications. Expertise with materials and manufacturing processes and the related design techniques, experience with both small (or limited) manufacturing volume products (prototype level production) as well as the design for a mass volume production such as medical disposables with a minimized hardware and maximized use of the finished form geometry enables us to easily create manufacturable and economical designs.

Our History...   →

DESIGNLORE emerged from a notion that the market is over saturated with companies offering eye catching designs which are expensive to produce and may even not function properly, because of the lack of the appropriate engineering process.

Inspired and encouraged by clients we established and incorporated a company ( back in 2003) with the goal to provide product development services focusing on traditional engineering.

Our Story...   →

Our story is one of the commitment, hard work, and a strong desire to provide the best possible user experience to both our clients and end users of their products.

We are devoted to excellence and we hope the products designed by DESIGNLORE can improve the life of every end-user. Our passion is to create custom tailored and cost effective solutions for our customers while enjoying 'giving birth' to a few great products every year.

, efficient and cost effective.

We worked with major international companies such as:

Baylis Medical, ViewSonics, Ionics, AB Sciex, Sentinelle Medical, SciCan, Smiths Detection, BASF, Northern Light Technologies, Newcon Optik, Active Control Tech. etc...

Traditional Engineering...

DESIGNLORE strictly implements a number of procedures based on Traditional Engineering principles (based on German engineering practices) designed to ensure a development of the best possible and economical product, in the shortest time without unnecessary risks or unintentional experimentation with the solutions. Focusing on the good performance and supreme function of the product we provide reliable solutions to our clients.

Being quite strict and detail oriented as engineers we do exercise our creativity during the initial conceptual phases through a number of internal brainstorming sessions when wild and innovative ideas are welcome, but as soon as the selection of the concepts starts, we re-focus on feasible, manufacturable and economical.

Throughout the process we follow the above engineering and design rules, Traditional Engineering design principles and methodologies, thus keeping our design and development process and activities under total control. We do not experiment with clients' designs. One might say that we follow a routine but we can proudly claim that we arrive at the best solution for every problem which comes our way.

Following the Traditional Engineering practices and procedures enables us to offer our clients the 'Right the First Time' Guarantee at highly competitive prices.

Art of Engineering...

Has a product that was so well designed that nothing could be added or removed without destroying its perfection ever impressed you? A product that could only be fairly described as a masterpiece of functionality and appearance? Since every masterpiece is a work of art, in striving towards the perfect design, one must be engaged in the Art of Engineering.

Creating a successful product requires a closed circle, from development to manufacturing, marketing, and customer feed-back; every step requires a bit of talent, a lot of knowledge and hard work. However masterpiece products require more: they are created in the no-man's land between the worlds of wild imagination and traditional engineering rules,balancing dreams and reality.