Drawing on 20+ years of experience we customize project plans for each project in accordance with client's specific requirements, and deliver on time and within the set budget.


Focusing on a high quality mechanical engineering as the most important service critical for a successful product design, product detailing and economical production.


Our specialized ID and engineering provides mature concept solutions, fully feasible and manufacturable already at the Concept level.


By using high end CAD/CAE software we accelerate design process while improving the quality of designs and lowering the development costs.

'Right the First Time' Guarantee

Fit and Function are guaranteed already for the first functional prototype for all the products designed and developed by DESIGNLORE™.  more... →

By following our well established development process and Traditional Engineering Principles, and implementing various strategies and techniques, we are able to quickly and efficiently develop fully functional products within a given budget and time constraints. We so strongly believe in our process, experience and skills that we guarantee that the first functional prototype for all products designed and developed by DESIGNLORE will meet all Fit and Function requirements.  

Please contact DESIGNLORE™ for more information about possible guaranties for your project.

Perpetual Innovation

We are always on the watch for the NEW and INNOVATIVE solutions.  more... →

Starting with your idea, innovation or technical requirements we are always on the watch for new and innovative solutions for your product. We balance our creative, 'Out of the Box" thinking with design constraints and product targets by strictly implementing design procedures and ensuring that the best possible product is developed economically and in the shortest possible time.

While design ideas may be wild and innovative, the whole product development process is strict and controlled. As soon as the first concepts or innovative ideas are accepted, further product development is performed following established engineering routines, addressing all issues from function to cost.  We focus on every detail continuously generating new ideas and improvements, searching for the inventions or innovations that will add value to your end product.

Virtual Prototyping

Using a High-End CAD/CAE software we perform a number of tests and analyses prior to making real physical prototypes. We refer to this process as a 'Virtual Prototyping' and the CAD models developed with high accuracy and detail 'Virtual Prototypes'  more... →

Taking advantage of the top of the line design and engineering 3D software packages, we create mathematical models and 3D parametric models instead of physical prototypes and models. Regarding these 3D models as virtual prototypes, we perform a number of virtual checks and computer aided tests to ensure good quality designs during the entire product development cycle.
These constantly modified parametric models reach a high level of fidelity and accuracy before the end of the development stage, when they are used as the main source of information for physical prototypes and production.

Although virtual prototypes are modelled at "ready for production" level, it is always recommended to build a physical prototype for the final tests, particularly for the parts which require expensive tooling. By building only a limited number of actual prototypes we significantly reduce the development time and associated costs. (For rush projects we offer a quick verification and model check using Rapid Prototypes.)

Physical Prototypes

Low cost & high quality fully functional prototypes produced in China & assembled here.  more... →

Taking advantage of our high quality designs, knowledge of various manufacturing processes as well as long term established business relationships with number of suppliers in Asia, we select the best prototyping processes and suppliers ultimately producing very affordable prototypes. Also all of our prototypes are assembled and verified in house offering very fast turn around times. .

Low cost prototyping allow us to sometimes offer FREE prototypes to our clients. (see Rebates Page  →)

On-Time Delivery Guarantee

For time sensitive projects we prepare aggressive project plans and implement Critical Path planning techniques ensuring that the delivery strictly follows the agreed upon dates and milestones.  more... →

For many clients the introduction of a product to the market is critical. Whether they need to introduce their product at a trade show, present their idea to the board or investors, or have some other deadlines, we prepare adequate project plan and schedules to meet (if reasonably possible) their target dates. Additionally, we implement various strategies to remove any potential risks, deal with the uncertainties and variables during the project We also plan for additional design time outside regular hours, if required.

Please contact DESIGNLORE™ for more information and to check if we can do what appears impossible.

Profit Percentage (Markup) Increased by 'Cost Reduction with Original Design

Our High Quality Design and Engineering services significantly improve client's ROI and Profits via Costs Reduction with Original Design.

Profit Margin vs. Cost Reduction Diagram

The impact of the High Quality Design and Engineering on the actual profits is often taken lightly. While in one hand well designed products receive better market acceptance on the other hand the Profits grow exponentially with both Part and Production / Assembly Cost Reduction / Savings.  more... →

To illustrate: imagine the product that costs $ 100 to produce and that is sold for $ 200 dollars. (Profit $ 100). Clearly the Profit percentage (Markup) is 100% . But if, for example, the same product is produced for only 20 % less, the actual profit percentage increase is not 20% more but whole 50 % more. [ ($200-$80)/$80= 1.5 or 150%], while the selling price is not changed. Bigger cost savings clearly render exponential larger markups and profit margins as shown on the chart. Naturally, the higher starting markup you have set for your product the exponential growth is even more progressive (vertically stretched).

In the same manner products designed poorly (with negative cost reduction) will 'eat' your profits following the similar exponential trend and possibly prevent your business from having sustainable growth.

For years inventors and startups were hoping to introduce a product to the market as soon as possible and as and as affordably as possible; with the plan to address the cost reduction issues once the product starts generating sales. While this approach has its merits, the biggest problem is that poorly designed and expensive to produce products NEVER start generating sales and profits. The opportunity for Cost Reduction later never presents itself and ultimately the initial investments are wasted. This may be the most important reason why product design is not only 'few-good-looking' images but must be engineered by experts from the very start to the end.

To test your numbers click here:   Profit Calculator   →

Scroll down to view Five (5) Costs Savings we provide improving your ROI not only in production but in case of Product Development as well.


Design with VISION:

Improved Product Life Cycle

One of the key factors which determines the life-span of a product is its design. We start with product idea followed by the industrial design optimized for the future and the mechanical design and engineering using the latest technical achievements and materials available in order to ensure our clients' products are well designed and their life cycle is prolonged.

Well designed products with improved life cycle have much better market response, a longer exploitation significantly improves ROI, reduces tooling per part costs and helps our clients create a recognizable brand, and, in turn, offer their customers high quality products for less.

Design For The Future

DESIGNLORE™ offers a specialized ID and engineering services that focus on the concept development from a raw idea to the creation of fully functional and feasible product designs for the products the lives of which will extend well beyond the design phase.

Starting from your product idea, at the very beginning of the product development process, our industrial designers visualize the end user operating the future product in order to define functional requirements and style of the future product for the specified market and end user.

The creation of aesthetically appealing products with a contemporary style and function which exceed all expectations, seemingly out of nothing, before any components have been designed, can only be compared to an artist standing before the white canvas. Moreover, the designs have to allow enough room for engineers to materialize these ideas within given time and cost constraints. This process goes through numerous brainstorming sessions, conceptualization and 'Ideation' ultimately creating several Raw concepts. From numerous ID concepts, only those which best fit the particular purpose and market are taken for further refinement. Design reviews with the clients' marketing and technical people will determine which design provides the most distinctive and appealing look for the future.

Reduced Time to Market

For companies in a highly competitive environment, accelerating product development cycle, thus reducing Time to Market, is critical.

Being the first to introduce a product to the market has multiple advantages: from establishing a brand, to gaining a stronghold and staying ahead of the competition to ultimately creating extra profits. By addressing those needs of our customers we have accepted the project planning strategies and techniques which increase design efficiency and expedite development process without reducing quality.

Significant reduction of the development time is achieved using Virtual Prototypes instead of physical prototypes. While actual prototypes are built only for the design verification purposes, virtual prototypes are used for numerous design and engineering activities.

FIVE Cost Savings:


The part / product cost is most likely the most important cost you will be facing for the life of the product. Those costs multiplied by your annual production volume and the number of years in production are justifiably the primary concern and part of the design goals during the product development process.
We offer a number of design and engineering techniques to keep the part & assembly costs down; from minimizing the number of parts, simplifying the part geometry minimizing the material and / or optimizing the size of the source materials for the specific manufacturing process. Implementing our extensive experience and knowledge of manufacturing processes, all our designs follow DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and DFA (Design for Assembly) methodologies. Additionally, depending on the client's requests (or our suggestions) parts / products should be produced locally or in the Far East we ensure that labour intensive activities are performed at lower rates (Far East) or if not possible, significantly reduced. Technologically advanced and/or sensitive operations will be performed in accordance with the technical capabilities of the supplier (typically kept local) . Understanding technical capabilities of a potential supplier, as well as the supplier's process related and other costs, adds another (mission) critical layer to our design and engineering process enabling us to make right decisions and choices, ultimately making the most cost effective product which could result in higher margins and much better ROE for our customers..

PRODUCTION COSTS (Tooling & Assembly)

Due to our in depth knowledge of manufacturing processes, our designs are aiming at the easiest (and the most economical) way to produce part while respecting the supplier's specific needs and requirements. We optimize our designs by giving them freedom as much as reasonably possible, resulting in the lowest possible tooling costs. Tooling (moulds) for our simple and technological designs are less expensive and easier to maintain, while production 'scrap' rates are minimal. Our suppliers welcome our highly technological designs .

Alternatively, whenever possible, we push a cheaper manufacturing process to the edge of technological capability in order to achieve more affordable tooling and parts instead of using a higher level or more precise processes. (process with narrower tolerances is generally more expensive.)

Assembly time and serviceability of the product is achieved with a more complex part geometry, which results in less time, skills or jigs required for the assembly of the products, which is particularly important for products manufactured locally.


Furthermore, we lower direct development costs by reducing the development time. Applying the mentioned Project Management skills, various engineering methodologies and in depth knowledge as well as using the high end CAD/CAE software packages, we manage the design and engineering processes in the most efficient way arriving at the best possible solutions in the shortest time. The crucial component in achieving the ultimate high quality and "Right the First Time" products is managing design risks and eliminating  possible errors.


We offer our services at very reasonable and affordable rates. Understanding that it is neither easy nor inexpensive to bring a product to life, we are setup to help our small start-ups and entrepreneur clients to realize their dreams by obtaining highest possible level of technical services at affordable rates.


Performing various analyses and tests with the Virtual Prototypes our engineers explore new ideas and make accurate decisions without spending time and money on actual models and physical prototypes.


#1Think it through. The client will appreciate more time spent in the early stages instead of fixing the design (or tooling) later.

#2Isolate critical, sensitive or difficult aspects of the design and address them first. Let the client know.

#3Every step of the design is a foundation for the next one. If you see what's required, do it now, (never leave it for later) and do it well.