T oday, it is almost impossible to find a product that is purely mechanical. Developments of computers and communication have resulted in products which, if not mainly build around electronics (cellular phones, point of sale devices, computers), are at least controlled by software (toys, kitchen appliances, HVAC). This new course has made the integration of multiple technologies and disciplines a critical factor for a successful product development.

Recognizing the importance of integration, we focus on the creation of true interdisciplinary teams with expertise in different fields, from electronics to environmental studies, as well as cooperating with the people from your marketing department. Although we provide interdisciplinary integrated solutions, our greatest advantage is the Product Development expertise and management of the whole Product Development Process. Our knowledge of the market trends and user expectations, in conjunction with our expertise in various manufacturing environments, represents a necessary link between the solutions from various disciplines integrated into an optimized solution and management of the product development process from 'Concept to Production'.

Product Development is the only discipline, or rather, the combination of disciplines which bridges the gap between different objectives. Working from the very beginning towards the set objectives, we are passionate about creating the designs, which are at the same time aesthetically appealing, cost effective and highly functional, not sacrificing any of the features. We find our competitive advantage to be n our ability to combine different skills with our mastery of production oriented product development process itself coupled with our continues efforts advantage in the combination of different skills together with mastery of the product development process itself, we exert substantial efforts in acquiring knowledge about acquire cutting edge knowledge in technological developments, market and design trends, and more importantly to accurately identify the existing and future needs of end users.

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having as ultimate goal the building of a prototype and/or organizing production our mechanical engineers knowledgable of the manufacturing processes, not only select the most suitable material and manufacturing process but also design assemblies and part geometry to provide a desired function,for the form as defined by our Industrial Designers.

While most of the Product Development services are clearly the mechanical engineering, Industrial Designers are critical in creation of the ultimate product style and form factor appropriate for the target market.

These services listed here as Core Services are critical to the success of your product idea.

Using contemporary planning techniques in conjunction with our Traditional Engineering approach and extensive experience we successfully manage every product design project providing the agreed upon deliverables on time and on budget. Project management is one of the areas where we constantly evaluate and improve our skills. Maintaining the project schedule from from day one and regularly updating the project critical path, we remain focused on the set goals and keep our clients content by sticking to the deadlines and project plans.

Years of experience in developing products place our Product Development expertise well beyond just mechanical engineering and industrial design activities. We prepare strategies and plans to eliminate risks, including how to deal with all uncertainties and variables, stage activities and involve any special resources needed. Recognizing different situations and specific goals of each individual client, we make necessary adjustments to the process and related activities. Our ability to anticipate possible outcomes based on our past experience empower us to select the best product development path and make right and safe technical decisions in order to maximize the results while minimizing costs.


It is almost impossible to determine when engineering starts or ends. From the solutions in particular field of engineering to compliance with specific regulations and standardards, engineering plays an essential role in the design process. Taking advantage of a highly systematic and analytical approach of the traditional engineering methodologies we have adopted, we offer a repeatable quality of our solutions. The whole design process is controlled and well documented, providing an easy transfer of Know-How. All design actiivites are performed using the top of the line CAD/CAE software and electronically communicated to the manufacturers.. However we still value immaculately prepared traditional drawings / blue prints for the documentation purposes.

Beside solutions in general engineering areas such as material selection together with stress and strength analysis, mechanical design of special mechanisms resolving kinematical and dynamics issues, or solution for the problems involving friction and tribology; we offer engineering services in areas of thermodynamics, fluid-dynamics & pneumatics as well as oscillations and vibrations. Engineering Solutions are engineered based on strong theoretical knowledge and experience accumulated, and empirical data acquired from research and testing.

  • Thermal Management

    Mechanical design and Engineering of cooling and heat dissipation systems for electronic devices with moderate and high watt density, coolers, radiators, fans etc. for electronics packaging, enclosure over the body dissipation for small devices and charging units and high discharge rechargeable battery devices. On board / PCB based cooling... mechanical design of custom heaters and heating elements, speciality cooling and heating.
  • EMI/EMC Shielding

    Development of the RF and EMI/EMC Shielding for sensitive electronic or devices used in medical / military environments. Custom and 19" Rack Mount enclosures 1U, 3U, 6U. etc.. we provide mechanical design of shielding on the enclosure level or on the PCB level or both. EMI and EMC shielding for portable electronics devices, medical devices and instrumentation.

  • Mechanism Design (motion)

    For mechanical systems requiring specific motion or mechanism, we provide necessaries kinematical analysis and design of mechanisms to provide specified motion, speeds and forces, including all parts, drives and linkages, geometry, verify kinematics and time & mechanism motion behavior, and if required verify dynamics for required velocities and accelerations and mass of designed mechanism components together with required forces parameters. Design of mechanisms occasionally needs to be iterative process in order to optimize mass and strength of the components for the required accelerations. Additionally mechanism design may be overlaid with design of Electromechanical or Hydraulic / Pneumatic systems for more comprehensive mechanism or motion system.

  • Electro-Mechanical Devices

    Mechanical design and engineering of the electromechanical systems regardless if the desired system is mechanism or statical. For all motion systems we will include necessary drives, motors or breaks, sensors, transducers, switches and indicators etc., cable management, cooling, controllers etc.
  • Opto-Mechanical Devices

    Mechanical design and engineering of the specialty opto-mechanical systems, high power output LED, camera or LASER based. Design include design of specialty lenses such as Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lenses or simple Light Pipes and Light guides. Material selection as well as selection of suppliers with adequate manufacturing capabilities is paramount.

  • CAE & FEA analysis

    There are many specific CAE analysis which are performed depending on particular product design goals and functional requirements while many are implemented in order to optimize design for manufacturing process.
    Special Analysis using CAE areas covered include:
    Stress analysis on components and assemblies using FEA (Finite Element Analysis);
    Thermal and fluid flow analysis Computational fluid dynamics (CFD);
    Kinematics; Mechanical event simulation (MES).
    Analysis tools for process simulation for operations such as casting, molding, and die press forming.
    Optimization of the product or process.
  • Seal & Gasket Design

    Seal and Gasket development and mechanical design for electronics enclosures with moderate Ingress Protection (IP) ratings (underwater equipment) or high Ingress Protection ratings IP (gas sealing) as well as specialty applications exposed to high pressure 10 - 1000 bar or very deep Vacuum (as deep as 10E-8 Torr) (Mass Spectrometry) ..mechanical design of custom seals and gaskets and mating sealing geometry for special applications and customized product designs..

  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics

    Mechanical design and engineering of the hydraulic and pneumatic systems including sealing, custom components and regulation including safety features PRVs as well as mechanical design and engineering of individual hydraulic or pneumatic components as required for your hydrostatic or compressible fluid system.
  • Jigs and Fixtures

    DESIGNLORE supports your in-house manufacturing effort by providing mechanical design of Jigs and Fixtures. For fast pace environments we can provide full Jig & Fixture Design Build service including Jig installation at your location.

  • Impact and Shock

    Mechanical design and development of the vibration and impact and shock dampeners for electronics and optical systems used under special or harsh environment conditions (50G - 100 G) Impact bumpers, custom vibration mounts, and system vibration mounting. Mechanical design of electronic enclosures for shock and impact resistance.
  • Ruggedized Products

    For military & defense applications, mobile phones, and other portable wireless electronics and accessories we offer ruggedized designs both in specialty plastics or die castings. Additional specialty covers, bumpers or rubberized enclosures etc.

  • High Precision and Micro Parts

    Very small and high precision parts often require special manufacturing processes as well as mechanical design and engineering with full understanding of particular process capabilities and its limitations.


On the very beginning of the every product development industrial designers visualize the end user operating the future product in order to define functional requirements and style. Creation of beauty, style and function, before no components have been designed and seemingly out of nothing, can only be compared with the artist standing before the white canvas. Moreover designs have to allow enough room for engineers to materialize these ideas within given time and cost constraints.

Our Industrial Design follows the most contemporary design trends, accepting values and style traditionally preferred by a particular / target market. Our ID solutions offer features which will enhance our customer's corporate identity and generate end user's feeling of familiarity.

From numerous ID concepts only few with the best fit for the particular purpose and market are taken for further refinement. Incorporating elements of your corporate identity or 'retro' details in order to enhance user's feeling of familiarity, conceptual designs will receive character of its own before they are presented to the customer.

Design review with clients marketing and technical people will decide which design provides the most distinctive and appealing look. Development of the winning concept will continue together with mechanical design and engineering ensuring ultimate functionality and longer life cycle of your future product.

  • Presentational Materials

    We prepare various materials for client's presentational purposes for sales and marketing, investors and/or board meetings: Visual models, Proof of Concept models, Artistic Vision and Concept sketches and renderings etc. We will incorporate your corporate markings and any additional necessary data.

  • Models and Prototypes

    As part of development process or for any specific client's need we will prepare Clay models, Form study models, Breadboard, appearance and visual models. Proof of Concept and, Evaluation Models (Form, Fit & Function).

  • Patent Drawings

    As part of our services we offer assistance with client's Patent and ID Intellectual Property efforts and preparation of necessary patent drawings and renderings.

  • Ergonomics and Human ( User) Factors

    For some product our Industrial design services may include ergonomics & user human factors studies and analyses and necessary related Industrial Design services. (Form and Feel)

  • User Interface Design

    Even the simplest products as long as used by humans require some sort of user interface. Intuitive operation, easy handling and self explanatory commands are hallmarks of the good industrial designs. Additionally we provide design of GUI (graphics user interface) for your digital device.

  • Product Styling

    Product styling is provided for the specific market, target end user population, age, sex, habits, and specific group preferences following current product and fashion trends in the specific group zone of interests in order to meet group expectations at the time product is introduced to the market. Industrial Design will include market research of the direct competition products as well as similar products in the particular zone.


Contrary to the popular belief that research is just tapping in the dark, for us it is well prepared process with very simple goal: To remove any uncertainty that may be encountered during product development. Not allowing our designs to have these uncertainties, we verify our ideas each time theory or similar designs do not provide enough data to proceed safely. Data obtained from our simulation or mathematical models are confirmed through appropriate "real life" tests; while vital functions or new and innovative concepts are tested under "the worst case scenario" conditions.


Beside verification of the assumptions, we design and perform tests in order to obtain exact values for known systems. Using LabVIEW data acquisition software we can perform multi channel measurements up to 1000 samples per second. For physical systems, which are to be controlled by software (EPROM) we can provide emulation before the software design is even started.

Regarding the research as creative battle against uncertainties we take the same approach dealing not only with mechanical and physical systems but with less tangible issues such as ergonomics, user interface, even style and shape. Off course results cannot be exact but the statistical data analysis will definitely determine which concepts are more appealing, preferred or commonly used.

In the early stages of the product development process, conceptual designs and proposed esthetical and ergonomic features are discussed with customer using physical models and prototypes created using readily available materials like foam, cardboard, breadboard or clay. Building of these models enables designers and customer to see materialized shape and style of the future product for the first time. The review of the models with customer concludes one of the most important phases during the product development: the definition phase.

Since prototypes are used to verify design, for research and development and simulation of the actual manufacturing process they are the best single source of information for designers and engineers. Their use for presentation purposes and for communication with less technical people makes them pivot point of the product development. In order to accelerate product development cycle and provide marketing people with unsurpassed tool, building of the prototypes is as early and accurately as possible. For certain designs and the quickest development cycle we provide prototypes build using SLS (Stereo Laser Sintering), SLA (Stereo Lithography) or FDM ( Fused Deposition Modeling) Rapid Prototyping processes.


Selection of the suppliers and manufacturers is the second most important factor in achieving ultimate quality under reasonable prices. From approval of the tools and production first offs through continuous Quality Control and technical support to the final assembly, manufacturing of your product is managed with expertise and care by engineers. Implementing project management and scheduling techniques numerous manufacturers and suppliers are synchronized and supplied with all required documentation and instructions in order to enable smooth and seamless delivery of the product.

Number of our clients take advantage of our full engineering support and management of all production activities relying on either client preferred or on our high quality and pre approved off-shore suppliers in Asia or locally.

Manufacture in ASIA safely with DESIGNLORE Manufacturing Support and Sourcing services  →


There is many activities and related services which are inseparable part of the Product Development process and are often required along the product life cycle which are not as popular but definitely not less important. We have listed some of them here but please feel free to ask if there is anything else we could help you with.

    • Manufacturing & Production Consulting

      From selection of the most economical manufacturing processes, interpretation of manufacturers’ process capabilities and their particular production related needs, production planning and including assembly process planning and organization of the manufacturing either with your own production resources or contract manufacturer locally or in Asia, are some of the activities we can help you with. Often small details may affect the quality of your end product and cost, regardless if it is miss interpretation of the suppliers manufacturing process capabilities (suppliers do tend to exaggerate) or drawings calling out for unnecessary tolerances, specialty features, or geometry suitable for alternate manufacturing processes or secondary operation. We will help with your production needs as well review your drawings for suitability for particular selected manufacturing process. This service is included in our Design Build and Turn-Key Solutions.

    • Documentation and Drawings

      Beside preparation of fabrication and assembly drawings (blueprints) conforming to the highest international drafting standards we provide full management of electronic files and drawings providing regular backup and multiple copies. We provide preparation of CAD drawings and drafting / detailing services using several high end CAD software packages either as on-demand service, or in support of the product development activities.
      Each assembly drawing is supported with detailed BoM (Bill of Materials)
      Perfect fabrication documentation is enforced through revision control and checking and approval document procedures. Additionally we provide client drawings / blueprints review for ease of manufacturing and suitability of specified tolerances for the selected manufacturing process.
    • Engineering Changes (ECN) and Revision Control

      By providing meticulous study of all affected parts we ensure that all required design changes are implemented optimizing the number of parts to be redesigned, reworked or scraped and minimize your losses. While we provide regular reporting your company actively participates in our formal ECN and approval procedures.
    • Management of Large Parametric Assemblies

      While members of interdisciplinary teams are working on different components we provide continuous management of your parametric assembly models ensuring full geometrical fit and function. Based on good engineering practices we provide feedback which components and how should be modified in order to achieve the intended function effectively.

    • CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)

      All Engineering and mechanical design activities are performed using 3D parametric surface and solid modeling software. CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). .Basic CAE analysis are provided on all parts / designs for injection moulding while for special analysis using FEA are performed as required. High end 3D software packages with strong CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) tools empower our mechanical engineers to quickly arrive to final geometry which is economical to produce with superior functional performance.
    • 3D CADD and Detailing & Drafting services

      We provide number of 3D CAD and CAE services such as CAD modeling, CAD Surfacing, CAD translations, and preparation of drawings and blueprints using high end CADD software. such as Catia, Pro/E (Pro/Engineer), Solidworks.
      CADD detailing and drafting services are provided on demand or as part of product development cycle.
      The fabrication and manufacturing drawings are created to the highest international standards for easy interpretation by Far East suppliers, following ASMA, DIN, and ISO standards.

    • CAD Surfacing Services

      Among other CAD and Solid Modeling services Surfacing is particular important for the high end products. While many objects can be modeled using primitives and their derivatives, high end consumer products, hand-held devices, and objects with complex and organic form and shapes must be modeled using high end Surfacing techniques and s/w packages with appropriate modules. Seamless transitions, tangencies between surfaces with opposing gradients, surface blending and control of the gradients, rate of curvatures as well as some other trick of the trade important for molding process are part of the high end design and CAD services for high end products. In the past surfacing was almost exclusively been used for design of turbines, than was adopted by aerospace and automotive engineers, while today it is the important tool in transferring organic designs into manufacturable products. DESIGNLORE will provide CAD surfacing A-Class for all high end products, as well as on demand or as a separate service for those clients who are limited with CAD capabilities of lower and CAD software.

    • Virtual Prototypes

      Taking advantage of the top of the line design and engineering CAD/CAE software packages, we create mathematical models and 3D parametric models instead of the physical prototypes and models. Regarding these 3D models as virtual prototypes, we perform number of virtual checks and computer aided tests ensuring good designs during whole product development cycle.
      These constantly modified parametric models reach high level of fidelity and accuracy before the end of development stage, when they are used as a main source of information for physical prototypes and production.
      * Although virtual prototypes are modeled at "ready for production" level, it is always recommended to build physical prototype for the final tests, particularly for the parts which require expensive tooling
    • Packaging Design & Graphics

      Being initiated in all sides of the product development and having access to all product drawings and presentation materials it is natural choice to have packaging design or graphic representations of your product prepared by us. As part of the Industrial Design services we can provide graphical and packaging solutions for consumers products, as well as design of service and maintenance manuals.

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